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Dream Journal: Shannon Mulkey of Indie Craft Experience

Dreams can be head scratchers. What does it mean when the family cat becomes a panther? When all our teeth fall out? (Should we prepare for a sea change or simply call the dentist?) We know our nightly reveries are packed with personal messages, and we vow to make more time to decode them. For inspiration, we’re asking movers and shakers we admire to tell us about standout dreams that imparted wisdom and spurred them to act in their waking lives.

First up is Shannon Mulkey, cofounder of Atlanta’s Indie Craft Experience. She teaches art classes and leads the Teen Team at the High Museum in addition to planning several ICE events each year, so life can be hectic. She has recurring dreams that “indicate I am on the edge of running myself down and getting overwhelmed,” she says. When her nighttime visions exaggerate her daytime stress, she knows it’s time to slow down and pay attention to what’s really important. For the 41-year-old entrepreneur, that’s “spending time with friends and family, breathing fresh air, and drinking tea.”

Sometimes her dreams are as literal as instruction manuals, which she can follow to boost her business. “One time I created a pattern for a knit hat and proceeded to make it in the dream,” she says. “I woke up the next morning and created the hat step by step. I went on to make and sell more than 200 of those hats over the years.”

What’s next for this crafty lady? “I recently had a dream about an art installation that I hope to create in my waking life,” she says. We can’t wait to watch that vision slide out of the unconscious and into reality.

What have you dreamed up that’s made a difference in your waking life? Share with us at #loblollydreamjournal.

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